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I think everyone knows about the Google Assistant. The most famous word “OK Google” is familiar to everyone who use Android smartphone. If you don’t know about google assistant app you should download google assistant app or google assistant apk. Google assistant android or google assistant app can control your smartphones by your voice command. So why are you waiting? Are you thinking where is my google assistant? Just download google assistant app and install google assistant app. Turn on your google assistant app going in your phone settings. The most important thing of this article is that now you can control your phon completely by voice command. To set google assistant you must have set your voice to google assistant so that google assistant can easily recognize your voice. Initially you had to say ok google to enable google assistant.

But with this feature many people were facing some issues. So now Google has added some new and easily usable word “Hey Google” for the voice recognition to Google Assistant. So now you can finally change the Google Assistant hotword on your Android phone.

The feature isn’t exactly new on smartphones, as Google start testing “Hey Google” a couple of months ago. The feature was, however, restricted to a number of phones. But Android Police explains that it’s rolling out to more users as we speak. Some people are getting a notification to set new hotword  “Hey Google” for voice recognition for the Google Assistant. People who are not getting such notification they need not be a worry. They can manually set their new hotword voice command for voice recognition.
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