WhatsApp New update: Picture in Picture mode, private messages in groups

Now a days WhatsApp is the most popular messenger. We all know that Facebook has acquired WhatsAapp seeing its popularity. WhatsApp keeps updating this app with new features and optimize it time to time. Here we will introduce you with WhatsApp New update


WhatsApp New update

Whatsapp new updates recently launched

  • Picture in picture
  • Privately Reply In A Group

Picture In Picture

Now for beta users whatsapp has come with new features of  picture in picture (PiP) and privately reply in a group. Other than these major additions, there is a new Shake to report feature, Tap to unblock user feature  and invite via link feature.
Picture in picture feature will make whatsapp video call more user friendly. Now user can do anything in his/her smartphone without disturbing or without pausing the whatsapp video call. Facebook app has already enabled this feature.Watch this video

Privately Reply In A Group

Other feature will provide you benefit of privately reply in a group. Now you can privately talk to a particular person in a group.
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