Do You Know These Special Features Of Whatsapp?

Special Features Of WhatsApp


Whatsapp is the most popular messenger app for smartphones. Everyone use whatsapp but very few people are aware of special features of whatsapp . Whatsapp team keeps bringing new updates to make messenger more user friendly. To take full enjoyment of all updated features of whatsapp, you need to keep updating your whatsapp app regularly. Today we are going to tell you some special features of whatsapps. Check and use.

1. Re-download Media

This word may be new for everyone but this is very special feature of whatsapp and it works. You have been seen that when you download any media from any chat, it gets stored in your gallery but when you delete it from gallery, it gets deleted permanently. If you want it back you have to say your friend to send that media again. Now no need to say your friend to send that media again. If you have deleted any media from your gallery and you want it back, go to the chat where you had downloaded it, you will see download option again. Download it again and enjoy

2. Picture In Picture Effect

The another special feature of whatsapp is picture in picture. If you are an Android 8.0 user then you can a video call to anyone in pip mode. It means you can do your other work in your phone while on a video call. However i am going to tell you about another feature. Whenever you send a youtube video link to any one, that video will play in pip mode for that user chat window and while playing that video you can carry on chatting with that user.

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3. Whatsapp stickers


Whatsapp stickers are very new feature of whatsapp. Nowadays people forgot emoji, everyone is crazy to use whatsapp stickers. Whenever you chat anyone you will see emoji at left side of writing pad.On selecting this emoji you will see three options at the bottom. First is for emoji,second is for gif and third is for whatsapp stickers. You can select any stickers available for you. You can download more stickers. You can create sticker even of your self photos. Really this feature is so cool.

I hope you will try these whatsapp features for your smartphone. So keep reading for new updates of android and iOS apps

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