Best method to get flames in vigo video

Vigo video is the most entertaining app for smartphones. Day by day, Vigo video app’s popularity is going on increasing. People are creating their own video and showing their talent everywhere in the world by vigo video.
Vigo video app user know very well that they can earn money by their video by earning flames in vigo video.
Most of the vigo video user are searching tricks to get flames in vigo video. Here i will tell you the correct method to get ‘flames in vigo video’


Tricks to get Flames in Vigo Video

There are many videos and articles available on internet claiming that their tricks will work to get flames in vigo video, but no one is saying correct thing and no one is telling correct method. So we are here to explain correct method and tricks. First of keep in your head properly that this is a platform to show your talent so follow these steps before starting to use vigo video for money

How To Make 60 Seconds Video On Vigo

  • Flames indicates the popularity of you video so create high quality video using your in-app camera.
  • Don’t post video from your gallery. If you use video from gallery, you will see that flames in vigo video stopped even for your original video. So don’t make vigo video algorithm angry by doing fake things.
  • Try to act something different,funny and extraordinary to get more flames in vigo video. Set a niche for your videos so that people come to watch video on same niche.
  • Video title and thumbnail must be relevant to vido. Title and thumbnail must be explaining the video. Some people put title attractive for video so that people come and get fooled. This is not fair, title and thumbnail must be well explaining to the content of vieo. They loss the chance to get good flames in vigo video

So these are some basics to keep in your mind while creating video on vigo that can help you to get flames in vigo video. However we are going to explain some special trick also to get flames in vigo video. First of all,clear your concept to create video on vigo.

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