YouTube Premium- The Best Experience Of Music And Much More

YouTube is here now in a premium way. Like other premium apps, you must have to paid some money to experience all new features in YouTube Premium. YouTube premium membership for music and video is just like one man army for your phone. You will be able to watch videos and listen music without any interruption and even in background.

What is YouTube Premium

In YouTube premium you will get amazing experience in YouTube video and YouTube music. Do you getting irritated while watching ads in between your favorite videos? If yes, YouTube premium is for you. Paying some small amount of money, you will get ads free YouTube videos and access to YouTube originals. You will be able to download video so that you can uninterruptedly enjoy your favorite video even there, where your network data is not working. We have seen many times people listen music on YouTube, they have to keep theirs mobile screen in on while playing music. You do not permitted to open other app when you are enjoying YouTube. as you open other app YouTube gets closed. Now no need to close YouTube app even when you want to use some other app in your mobile. With paid membership of YouTube premium, your YouTube music will continue playing even in background and even in screen locked condition.

YouTube Premium Membership

Every YouTube user can use YouTube premium for free for  first three months as a trial. YouTube premium membership is within range of every common person. You will have to pay 129 rupees per month as a single user for YouTube premium membership. If you want to take family plan, you will have to pay 189 rupees per month. In YouTube Premium family plan you will be able to use YouTube premium for free for only 1 Month as a trial. In YouTube family plan maximum 5 members can be use YouTube premium. All Members must be older than 13 years.

Why YouTube Premium?

Everyone know that YouTube is second most popular search engine. Nowadays worlds largest population are searching music on YouTube. So YouTube is here with premium features like as follows

  • Ad free and Offline Music And Videos.
  • Keep music playing when you lock your screen or use other app.
  • Download your favorite music and videos for when you are offline.
  • Discover original series and movies.
  • You get YouTube Music Premium and Google Play Music for free too
  • YouTube premium membership is within range of common persons.

YouTube premium membership- My Opinion

Really this is amazing that now you can listen music even if your phone screen is locked. I think no music app contains so much music as YouTube has. So having YouTube as a default music app for your phone is an amazing thought. So don’t waste your time in too thinking. Go for YouTube premium membership and try it for free for first three months. I am damn sure, after 3 month of trial you will take its paid membership.

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