Which WiFi is Providing Better Speed? Know before connecting any WiFi -Android Oreo 8.1

Now You Can check with available WiFi which WiFi is giving better speed than others.

Check it with new android version Oreo 8.1


In today’s era of internet, there will be someone who does not use the internet. If we get WiFi anywhere by chance, we starts to connect that WiFi. Imagine you are on a place where there is free WiFi facility, but there is more than one WiFi on that place. You connect those WiFi  one by one to see which WiFi is giving good speed. But if there is more WiFi available then you will take a lot of time to check the speed of those WiFi.
Google has added a new feature for Android’s Oreo 8.1 to overcome this problem. With this help, you will be able to know which wifi fast speed is available before you can connect to any WiFi.
The Google Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčLabel will come in front of the WiFi Strength Symbol. It will have four labels.



        Very fast

          Their speed range will be like this.

          Slow         0 to 1 Mbps

          OK            1 to 5 Mbps

          Fast           5 to 20 Mbps

          Very Fast   20 Mbps +

          If you do not like this feature then you can also disable this feature.

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