Now Take Screenshot With Google Assistance

Google is making our life comfortable day by day. I think no need to tell you about Google assistance because all people already know it very well and most of the people are using it. 

Google assistance is a virtual assistant for you. Now no need to type your question or quires just say it verbally. It will recognize your voice commands and will present what you are looking for.
You want to listen music without manually opening music player, just plugin earphone and press earphone button. Your google assistant will ask what can I do for you, just say open music player. It will say OK ! yes ! and your music player will open with playing song. 
You can do any thing with google assistance and Google is working hard to improve it day by day. In the same series Google Assistance has now added a new feature in its bucket.

Screenshot by Google Assistance

It works perfectly. It takes both commands typing and verbally. You need to ask your Google Assistant TAKE A SCREENSHOT, this will take screenshot of the screen which is just behind the Google Assistance Panel. Just after taking the screenshot a window for sharing the screenshot will appear. You can share that screenshot according to your wish.


  • Open the window you want to take screenshot
  • Just tap and hold the Home Button of your device
  • Say TAKE A SCREENSHOT to Google Assistant
and this will work for you perfectly. 
So now no need to press side button of your device again and again to take any screenshot. 
This will reduced time to share screenshot to anywhere because just after taking a screenshot a sharing panel will help you to share instantly.
It will also prevent your device side button from early damage.

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