How to recall an email in gmail?

Hi friends if you are reading this post that means you know the use of internet. We know that Gmail is the most powerful and most used platform for mailing. Now a days everyone has a Gmail account.
Have you ever faced a problem that you accidentally sent any mail. You did not want to send this but you accidentally sent. Yes this problem is for many users and human made this type of error many times.

So don’t worry if you are using Gmail for mailing purpose. Gmail has a features that any mail which was accidentally sent, can be recall. Gmail has this feature since a long time but most of the people do not know this feature. 
Let us see how it work.
Step 1
Just login your Gmail account and go to the top right corner and select settings option.

Step 2
In the settings you will find Undo Send option just enable it. After enabling this you can select send cancellation period from 10 to 30 seconds.

Step 3
Now scroll down and save all changes. After doing this whenever you will send any mail it will be save for some time and a undo option will pop us. You can cancel it anytime.
So enjoy this feature of Gmail and now don’t worry of accidentally sent mail.

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