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Holi festival is the festival of colors with full enjoyment and masti.

I am going not to waste much time in explaining why Holi is celebrated. I will discuss the masti of holi festival, the festival of colors. Holi is the second most popular festival of Hindus with Diwali. Holi festival says you that throw your winter sweaters and jackets and enjoy the coming of spring. This is my favorite festival because on this day i have full freedom to enjoy whole day. The masti starts before Holika Dahan because all friends get together and dance on the tune of DJ. Amitabh Bachan Hori Khele Raghuveera and rang barse bheege chunarwali songs are most favorite songs on holi’s occasions.

The next day of Holika Dahan is full of tremendous enjoyments. You have all things like passport and visa to wander whole day with friends. As for as i’m concerned, i take two or three packets of powder of color (Gulaal) and lots of “Pakka Rang”.

We wander through out the village/town/colony with no identity. No Identity means no one can recognize us because we have lots of color on face.

There are some other types of people who enjoy holi by seeing other people playing holi. This types of people stay either in room or on terrace of their home. Some others types also exist who say “please bas ek teeka lagana, mujhe rango se allergy hoti hai“. I don’t know if they speak true or not but i don’t like these types of people on this amazing holi festival.Music and songs are the most important thing on holi festival. People listen loud music and dance.
Some of the best songs for holi are
  • Rang Barse Bheege Chunarwali
  • Hori Kele Raghuveera
  • Holi K Din Dil Khil Jaate hain
  • Do Me A Favour Lets Play Holi
  • Aaj Rapat Jaye To Hame Na Uthaiyo

These are songs those seems to be very urgent to play on holi festival. Holi seems uncompleted without these songs 🙂 .

After full masti whole the day, its time to remove colors from face and body. We try hard to remove the colors and bath again and again, we have more fun with it. But “bas ek teeka lagana” types people can’t understand this enjoyment.

….to be continue

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