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Goggle has just announced three new photography apps. Selfissimo, that will be available for both Android and iOS. Other two are Storyboard (Only for Android) and Scrubbies (Only for iOS).

As already mentioned that Selfissimao! will perfectly work on both iOS and Android. Selfissimo! Uses experimental research technology from Google  to capture photos automatically each time you pose, encouraging you to capture your best self. Selfissimo! snaps a photo each time you stop moving.

Storyboard app take a video clip and put that video into 6 different frames in the comic book template. You will be able to refresh the app to get new layouts and frames. Google claiming that there are over 1.6 trillion combinations.

The last and third app is Scrubbies, which lets you remix videos, DJ-style by quickly scrubbing back and forth through a clip to create video loops. Shoot a video in this app and then remix it by scratching it like a Dj.

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