AdSense Guide – How to use adsense

If your are really looking to earn extra revenue from your websites with Google Adsense, you have reached at the right place.
Lets start from very basic. Google AdSense is a great platform to earn money if you have some good contents. You can monetize your blog/page/websites/YouTube channels etc with Google AdSense.

If you are new here, don’t worry I am going to explain from very basic.
You create a blog,website or any YouTube channel to earn money. Very first thing is that you must have some good contents for your blog and good and unique videos for your YouTube channel.

Google Adsense will provide ads on your blog, websites and YouTube channel. Clicks on ads ,displaying on your blog/web/YouTube videos will give you revenue. So first of all you must have known how to create a blog?  & how to create a YouTube channel?
To be successful with Adsense you must keep in mind following points

  • Your website/blog must be unique because there are lots of sites already
  • Your content must be interesting and users relevant so that they visit again your sites.
  • Your website’s design and layouts must be appealing.
  • It is also good for every blogger to have a comment box for users so that they can feedback about your work
  • The most important thing is that your contents must be original. Follow Google Adsense policy and don’t use any content which is copyright of some other person or organization.
When you think that your internet content is going well and you are running as per Google Adsense , you can apply for Adsense.
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Just maintain your presense

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