WhatsApp Features-Have You Ever Used These?

WhatsApp is the most used messenger of today’s era. Almost all the smartphone users are using WhatsApp. Everyone is enjoying amazing WhatsApp features in there WhatsApp messanger but there are many such WhatsApp features that are still unknown to people. In this post we will tell you about some such features of whatsapp.


WhatsApp Features

You should know about updated version of these Whatsapp features

  • Reply Feature
  • Video Call Feature
  • Group Admin Security Feature

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WhatsApp Reply Feature

A user friendly whatsapp feature is added to make group and individual chat more easy. Now no need to ‘tap and press hold’ the message to respond any message in group or in individual chat. You just need to slide your finger on that message towards right side.By doing this your message will be ready to reply that message.So to reply any message, slide your finger at that message towards right side

Video Call Feature

Everyone knows that we can video call by whatsapp but very few people know about a new whatsapp feature in video call section. Now you can do a conference video call via whatsapp. However it is restricted to 4 persons only. You can take three persons on video conference by whatsapp video call.

How To Do Conference Video Call By Whatsapp

  • Make a video call to any whatsapp number
  • Once your call is connected now tap the new “add participant” button in the top right corner to add more contacts to the call

Group Admin Security

The latest WhatsApp feature for Group Admins will make it easy for them to restrict who can send messages to the entire group. If you are a group admin of any group then you can make security settings tight for your group members. Now you can manage that no one can change group icon and group name. You can also control that no one can send message except you admin.


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