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How To Remember Multiple Passwords-Safest Password ManagerThis is a big task to remember multiple passwords of logins of your different applications and webs available on internet. You use Facebook, twitter, Instagram and many other login based webs, you have to remember passwords for all these web to login.


Today we will tell you a good trick to remember multiple passwords. You must have a safest and smart password manager for it. We all are aware about Google Chrome browser. This is safe and best password manager. Most probably you all have seen that when you open any web and put your user name and password first time, google asks you to save your login credentials.

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Now no need to remember multiple passwords, remember just one password. Google Chrome, the safest password manager save your all password at one place. To see all your webs and apps and their passwords type Google Password on google search. Select Google Password, put your gmail account password and you will see all your webs and their password saved in google chrome. This works in all devices. Using this method you not only will get help to remember passwords but you can see also how many web and apps accounts do you have. So try it and use it

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