How To Create YouTube Channel.

This is the era of internet. Every question has its answer on internet. There are a lot of search engine available here but we are going to talk about YouTube. Yes ! this is also a search engine where you can calm every one of your curiosity. YouTube is most popular search engine after Google. Here you find your favorite topic in video form. 

Do you know that 300 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute? Every minute???  Yes !  You listen right thing.
You need to know one more thing also that almost 5 billion videos are watched on youtube in a day.
Dear friends if you are reading this article that means you use internet and every internet user know about youtube.
What is Youtube
Youtube is a video search engine. You can find here videos about all tour favourite topics. You can find your favorite music videos, game videos, movies, tech videos, recipe videos and so on. You can like any video and You can create play lists of your favorite videos so that next time you may find easily those videos. If you want to like any video you must sign up for youtube that means you will have to create your own youtube channel. You can simply create youtube channel if you have a gmail account.
How to create YouTube channel
Follow these simple steps to create your YouTube channel
Step 1:- Just go to the A youtube page will open
Step 2:- Now click on sign in, that is on top right corner of the page you just opned.
Step 3:- When you click on sign in, it wil redirected to a new window like this.

sign in to continue to YouTube.
Just put down your gmail account details.
Step 4:- After entering your gmail account you will redirected to YouTube page saying that you are registered now.
Step 5:- Now click on My Channel that is at left upper corner below Home button.

Step 6:- After clicking on My Channel a small window will occurs.
Just put details and click on CREATE CHANNEL.
Now your very first interface of your first YouTube channel will occurs. That will look something like this,

This is just for showing you how to create you tube channel. Now next step is to customize it according to your wish.Your channel name, channel logo and its cover page customization is the next step.
That will be explain in next article just carry on reading
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